23.07.2019, 20:00

Crack Bellmer - Bellmeria

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Bellmeria on Housemission!

Primary Perception

Project represented by two brothers, Mahy and Nichel Cruz, from Gran Canaria, based in Berlin these days. Influences of Hip Hop, techno from Detroit and UK in nineties got them involved with electronic music.
Their proper music production is based on expressing feelings and emotions, interconnection and communication with nature. Primary Perception is a reference to a scientific experiment on Biocommunication realized by Cleve Backster: We are all interconnected in some way…

Vela Sco

It’s plain to hear Luis Velasco’s roots in his music. From his gritty, hard-grooving productions to his punchy selections in the club, the spirit of New York house and techno is deeply entrenched in every aspect of what he does.

Bar ab 8. Dope Dope Dope ab 10.