23.10.2019, 20:00

Crack Bellmer - Slowmotor w/ Raulito Wolf & Señora

Flyer für: Crack Bellmer - Slowmotor w/ Raulito Wolf & Señora
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Raulitos enjoys loud music, silent nature and good coffee.
His music does not take you into a deep dark mexican jungle, nor will you just pass through berlin underground clubs...
Raulito invents his own very own utopia where genres and worlds can fuse. With this he played at Festivals and clubs in many parts of our planet. His sound is deep, straight, slow, pushy, sometimes weird, full of synths and even better when a little drunk.

Señora Music

Reverberations and echoes as an envelope for rhythms lead by the pulse of machines, animals, electricity, noises, roars, voices, cries, chants, howlings, bellowings, storms and stolen recordings.

Bar ab 8. Sloooow ab 10.

- Free entry -