24.02.2017, 20:00

Crack Bellmer - Which Way To The Stars?

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Sauvage World



Sauvage World is an Italian duo based in Berlin.
With their personal projects they released original production/remixes and edits under various aliases on different labels such as Nang, Under The Shade, Slow Motion, Cliché Breaks and Passport To Paradise to name just a few.

They experienced several scenes and their musical education is ranging between Funk/New Wave/Punk/Italo-Disco/House.
With their dj sets they aim to deliver an hybrid sound in which their influences are mixed into a powerful yet very diverse musical journey.

Their music production takes inspiration from the contemporary reality where the accelerated aspects of everyday life contrast with the human needs for wildness and primal authenticity.

This is Sauvage World: expect some heavy synth disco and sweaty drum machine driven electronica

Boogiemann in support ... as always! ;)


Bar ab acht!