26.06.2020, 20:00

Crack Bellmer - Disco Spektrum: Meet Up & Open Decks

Flyer für: Crack Bellmer - Disco Spektrum: Meet Up & Open Decks
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* 2 Hours Open Decks for music lovers!
* Don't worry about mixing and dramaturgy
* Just play tracks that you love and cherrish
* Any Format! - Vinyl, CDs, USB, Laptop!
* All genres related to DIsco, Soul & Funk!
* Your slot: 30 Minutes or just 1-2 Tracks!
* Become a part of our disco family
* Get to know collectors, producers, djs and dancers
* Club night afterwards!
* Every month on friday!

- - What is „Disco Spektrum“?!

Disco Spektrum is a plattform to build up a Disco-, Funk- and Boogie-Scene in Berlin. Everyone who are somehow interested in this kind of music will be connected to each other and can share information. You can get infos about concerts, parties, artists and tracks and do recommendations to each other. To bring people together we do open decks, parties, private listening sessions and meet ups.

- - How are the open decks meant to be?

Everything is easy-going and informal. Play tracks if you feel to do so. You don‘t have to be afraid to come over and chat with people. You don‘t have to worry about your track selection or technic. The only thing that counts is fun and connection. Wether you got music or not - you can always just stop by after work and enjoy the music or talk to the people from the community.

- - Who will be there?

We want to reach not only Djs. We also want to get music lovers involved. That means basically all people who just love to enjoy music or simply collect songs. Everyone can easily show tracks they really like and cherish on the big sound system. Afterwards you can talk about the music and make connections.

- - And Djs?

This event is of course also a place for DJs. The Disco Spektrum Crew wants to discover new local DJs that are maybe unknown but got talent and love inside. We want to give them a chance to play at a running party. We already found some DJs for our club night via open decks.

- - Can I play my own productions? I‘m a musician!

Of course! This event is also for musicians and producers. You can meet like-minded souls who do remixes, edits or whole new songs and share your experiences. Feel free to show tracks you‘re working on and test them on the big sound system.

- - What can I play?

You can play any genre related to Soul&Funk. For instance: Disco, Balearic, Boogie, Funk, Disco-House, Italo, Jazz-Funk, Edits, Nu-Disco, Post Disco, Electro-Boogie, Gospel, G-Funk, Modern Funk, Reworks, Philly Soul, Afro

- - Why should I come if I‘m already doing my own party?

Our open music space is aimed to promoters too. We want to meet promoters from other parties and are excited to do cooperations. And of course promoters can discover DJs at our open decks.

- - Who is behind Disco Spektrum?

Disco Spektrum is producer-duo First Touch, DJ Brennero and Proto Hustle's Zaren. We‘re just nice people who don‘t aim for profit but love to support music. We dream of heavy dancing and real club culture that relies on friendship and urban togetherness.

- - How can you support us?

Just come by anytime, talk to us (german/english) or subscribe our page on facebook or follow us on instagramm.