30.08.2019, 20:00

Crack Bellmer - Queerl vs. Jane Wonder

Flyer für: Crack Bellmer - Queerl vs. Jane Wonder
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We didn’t know who we were, but we knew we wanted to dance.

Here, a world made up of light and color, music and movement, a casino of the imagination where the wheel always came up red.

The songs are mindless but pulsed to a rhythm like sex, like breaking away toward something else – we weren’t sure what, but we ached to be there. Queerl

Do you wanna be a cool disco homo/straight? Do you wanna be a disco winner? but you've never won before? until now.

You wanna see the real disco world, but you've never lived before. You wanna feel the earth dance but you aint moved before, get your Disco ball above your head, Lazers, lights, then beat in your head like a Disco Mashup

Brett Knacksen

Stefan Zach

Jane Wonder Performace Set..with Brett Knacksen

Bar ab 8. Schräg ab 10. queerl ab Midnight