01.09.2022, 16:00


Flyer für: ELSE - OPEN AIR | Porzellan Bar „Thursday, I‘m in LOVE“ w DJ SPIT, VENETTA, NARCISS, MAC DECLOS, DHA
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We‘re turning slowly towards summers end but we‘re not turning the heat down one bit! After an amazing Porzellan Bar summer so far we have some more heaters and club delicatessen on the bill for you! Still recovering from the last weeks magical ride - we‘ve prepared a juicy line for all you partyppl who are are eagerly anticipating summers last lustful kiss.

DJ SPIT is coming right at you! We managed to pull the drum inspector and German basschild out of them grimey warehouses and have him play under the red neon sign again for us. Paul Krause, long time friend and cool kid from the scene has sprung up to be one of the most anticipated DJ’s coming out of the Berlin scene since a while. Always a set of fresh ears for those diggings of his, we expecting a lot of new tunes as well as classics all under the magical cover, a body of fluids dancing in ecstasy to the roaring subs of the infamous DJ SPIT. ‍

We also hereby announce round two of the ever so amazing NARCISS. Reminiscing his amazing set in July after Setaoc Mass - this was steamy!!! NARCISS has become our forever in love tinder date, “that we’d like to see again!” We fell in love with the music and with this whimsical being or pure energy.

Plus everything that comes out of the house of Leipzig’s Seelen Records is instant family - and NARCISS goes way beyond!

We can expect only the best Vibez. This combination is a marriage in heaven and we welcome dear NARCISS for his round 2 at Porzellan Bar this summer.

Next one on the bill is VENETTA Canadian born Goddess of heat who is still steaming from her recent Panorama Bar debut. The Queen of radio silence has already packed some heaters and her set will be a full on experience. This lady makes no compromises and so we couldn’t comprise not to have her this summer. Happy you’re in this and part of the fam ‍‍‍

Another naughty addition to our line up is French wonderchild and multi-faceted cutieface MAC DECLOS. His „Give it to me“ Nelly x-rated remix was playing last summer in our Porzellan Bar literally every time the police raided our parties.

Mac has visited us in July and we put him right on the test. Get ready for the heat! Recently, Mac Declos dropped his 1st 5-track EP on Myst called >>Cuir en Cage<< and now under the cover of MAMA LOVES YA he comes back to Berlin after his Berghain Debut to take his seat on our Porzellan Bar rollercoaster and hopefully this time he will be there answering in person when the police comes asking about the music! They will probably say “we LOVE YA MAC DECLOS!”

INDIGO PLATEAUX has been one of the first residents and played pretty much every boat party last summer in funkhaus as well as the Porzellan Bar off-show in Hamburgs PAL. His music and productions is a fresh approach to the scene and as the friend he is, he always knows how to please our ears. Jared transforms any place with a speaker into a party and he’ll heat up this Lambda PA of ELSE quite a bit fo sho! Aka burn motherfucker, burn! ‍

Lastly, “Sauna Meister” of the night is DHIA. Tunisian born, now Berlin based master of passionate sets. DHIA played already twice for us. In July presenting an astonishing performance pre-IGNEZ in Æden and basically started to heat up the party, making himself the main act of the night without asking. Bring towels my friends! It’s gonna get sweaty