21.07.2022, 16:00

ELSE - Porzellan Bar 'Thursday, I'm in Love' with Setaoc Mass, DINA, Narciss, laserdong

Flyer für: ELSE - Porzellan Bar 'Thursday, I'm in Love' with Setaoc Mass, DINA, Narciss, laserdong
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Setaoc Mass
+ Special Guest

Summer season starts on July 21st for all the PORZELLAN BAR lovers who made last years summer legendary! We’ve all been waiting for a Porzellan Bar Open Air and this year we are settling in ELSE for our “Thursday, I’m in Love”!

Headlining this “Thursday, I’m in love” rave is SETAOC MASS. Forward thinking techno genius and brother from the UK, a beautiful soul who’s been raised by the Mancunian scene, digging through the records of the Eastern Bloc vinyl store in Manchester and went out into the world to write history. Sam Coates and his deep dive into the meditative and melancholic techno is enthralling audiences all over the globe and his own imprint SK_eleven is set to release even more outstanding artists and music as they already did in the past. “Setaoc Mass is part of a select cut of young artists who are absorbing technos legacy and carrying the torch into tomorrow” - Resident Advisor

DINA was on our radar for quite some time now with her trancey, uplifting and fast forward dj sets that only puts smiles on audience faces. Such beauty created by her persona and her Nachtcrew clique that is raising awareness and making progress actually happen whilst creating a new feel for international club culture. One can hardly wait to see that in real life.

Last but not least, the ever so glorious NARCISS (they/ he) has graced us with some amazing releases like the “Seductive Edits” by Narciss & Dj Heartstring and has been highly recommended by family friend JANEIN, LOLSNAKE and Porzellan Bar All-Star Patrick Mason. “Sexy anthems for heated crowds, strictly for the people and the dancefloor. Mainroom-tested and moisturized to perfection, this music is sure to bring a tear to every eye and beads of sweat to every back. Play it as your ideal soundtrack for heart-warming crew-appreciation, emotional rave extravaganzas and the occasional love-making.”

LASERDONG as in “THAT FUNNY GUY FROM INSTAGRAM!“ is Porzellan Bar starchild, core/crew regular and will be brewing the warm up and has constantly proved himself from stage tech, to sound engineer to Instagram mascott to now be purely on the serious path of smashing clubs with 4 to 5 hour sets like the Porzellan Bar in Æden in April, where he played the best of his selection, own productions and releases on his own imprint “Divine Species”.

This will be a night to remember, tell our grandkids about and finally shake off 2 years of lockdown summers. Fuggin hell. Cant wait.

THURSDAY, WE’RE IN FUCKING LOVE!!!!!! 21.07.22 / 4PM START until 4AM (a.k.a 5 hours till work)
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