28.07.2019, 12:00

ELSE - Horse Meat Disco Berlin 28.07.19

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Hello Lovebirds.

For the first time in the 11 year Berlin run of this here Horse Meat Disco, we now have the opportunity to join the CSD festivities!

The wonderful crew at Else has extended us a warm invitation to spend a day and a night with them and we thought we’d let you all know cause, well, music sounds better with you!

We have a spectacular line up for this special day. Alongside Luke Howard and James Hillard of HMD town, we will be joined by none other than Kittin (formerly known as Miss Kittin). Who we’ve been dying to have us join for a minute now and give us her take on the genre, to hear and see this masterful artist do her thing is not to be missed. We are also very happy to finally have Wes Baggaley join us who we’ve met several years back at the legendary NYC Downlow where he has become a staple of the annual festivities. Michelle Manetti joins us again after recently smashing it at Whole Festival. Daniel Wang, if any of you need an intro here then that rock you’ve been living under must have great sound insulation… get out more bish! And last but not least Oren Marzam who is a known murderer! He murdered the floor at Whole Festival, he murdered the floor at Panorama Bar…. He’s a fucking MUR De RER! So pack your school lunch little miss sunshine cause it’s gonna be a daytime affair, DOORS OPEN 12:00 NOON (THAT'S MIDDAY CHILD) SUNDAY JULY 28TH.

Here's a link for the RA event and pre-sell tickets:

Love you!