14.08.2021, 22:00

Ficken3000 - XTROB Act V: Post-Apocalyptic

ACT V: Post-Apocalyptic

We are back and ready to dance and sweat again with you.

The next act of our ballet will be 14.08 from 22:00. Leading the orchestra we will have:
22 - 01: Juan Cernadas @_juancernadas
01 - 03: Hybral @hybral
03 - End: Zomkrad @zomkrad

Please consider:
• The access is limited and there is no pre-sale so come early and leave late.
• You are kindly requested to download the Luca App to ease the check in with the QR at the door.
• If you feel sick or have been in contact with a Covid-19 patient, please isolate at home
• Please be aware of of latest corona restrictions. As of 01.08.2021 you require negative corona test, complete vaccination or proof of previous Covid-19 infection.
• Please don't fake the test: it's free, fast and helps the party go on