18.03.2022, 22:00

Ficken3000 - Ficken4Free - Neustartficken

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Despite the fact that Angela Merkel totally embraced her career as DJ after retiring from her chancellor duties, she still has a lot of influence with Daddy Olaf and got the agreement renewed between JobCenter and Ficken3000! Yes, you can still Ficken4Free with the best DJs in town.

Knowing that you had much less fun during these 2 years of pandemic and that you hated to go back home with mud from Hasenheide's cruising area plus with your ears hurting from dancing to the tasteless straight people's Spotify Shuffle DJs, Daddy Olaf assures you 60% of 2019 declared fun with her new sex policy: Neustartficken!

Starring this glorious Ficken4Free comeback:

Paty Vapor
DJ Angela Merkel

You fick4free, but the dance is for 5 Merkels.

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