16.08.2019, 23:00

Fitzroy Berlin - Foundation w/ Valentino Kanzyani & Andrew James Gustav

Flyer für: Fitzroy Berlin - Foundation w/ Valentino Kanzyani & Andrew James Gustav
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We’ve all heard it before, “good things come in threes” and the rule definitely applies here. We’re kicking off our third round of the year with a bang. Right off the bat we’re delighted to have a dear friend join us. Well known as the founding father of the Slovenian techno scene, his highly skilled 3-deck performance, coupled with an unmistakable energy has brought him to all corners of the world over the past two decades. Now, we’re delighted to host him in the German capital for our next magical happening, and who other than Valentino Kanzyani to guide a happening of this nature? Earlier in our journey we will be charmed with the warm guidance of a true music lover and committed record collector. You may have seen his name around quite a bit recently and deservedly so, Andrew James Gustav. Andrew’s sets are known to be a bit quirky but with high attention to detail, what he would describe as “music with some sort of twist, something a bit unusual”. To complete this wonderful line-up we have of course, our regulars, Matthias & Modex as well as a second appearance by our good friend and collaborator Ancut.

Too much to take in with so little time? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Onwards, after our spaceship has safely landed back on earth, we’ll be heading over to a beautiful garden location right on Hermannstrasse, continuing the shenanigans for another ten hours.

- Valentino Kanzyani (LuckIsOn)

- Andrew James Gustav (Marginal Return)

- Matthias aka Crew:1 & Modex (Foundation)

- ANCUT (Discarded Gems)

Admission: 10€