03.03.2018, 18:30

Funkhaus Berlin - Giegling live at Funkhaus

Flyer für: Funkhaus Berlin - Giegling live at Funkhaus
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Funkhaus Session:


Ateq • Aleksi Perälä • Dj Dustin • Drama • Dwig • Edward • Elli • Fennesz • Kettenkarussell • Konstantin • Kreidler • Leafar legov • Lucky Dragons • Map.ache • Ruben D'hers • Sa Pa • Vril

Doors 18:30
Tickets: http://bit.ly/2DQVNeL

Giegling returns to Funkhaus. As a follow up to last year's collective concert, Giegling will zoom in and give more space to the individual artists.

In multiple rooms of this unique space Giegling - the label, that is mainly known for its dance music - will unfold all the different aspects of the collective's interdisziplinary approach.

For this edition they also invited some inspiring guests, that will compliment this night.

The evening will start off with concerts by Fennesz, Ruben D'hers, Kreidler and Lucky Dragons accompanied by Gieglings Leafar Legov, Edward, Ateq and Kettenkarussell that prepared some peculiar sets only for this occasion.

Later in the night this will turn into a dance with Aleksi Perälä, Vril, Map.ache, Dwig, Elli, Konstantin, Sa Pa, Dustin and again Leafar Legov, Kettenkarussell, Ateq and Edward who will take you deep into the Giegling mystery.

We are looking forward to this noisy ambient night, that will turn into a rave !