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Golden Gate - Stay tuned with Jehonë

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Jehonë * Duyaka / Nordstern Basel

Matija / Hive Zürich / Kiste Baden

Didier Dlb * Compute Music / Berlin

Some call it co-incidence others call it fate… we call it magic. Jehonë is special in all forms of the term, even her parents had the premonition that one day she would pierce the realm of music. Her name means “echo” in English and she fills those shoes well. Jehonë’s craze for music didn’t spring from nowhere. From journalist to party promoter to DJ, the spotlight is second nature and music is the common denominator.
Her performances as an artist have seduced not only by the fresh approach she has to her sets combining deep house to techno for the biggest satisfaction of clubbers.
The Balkans have been her musical playground for the past couple of years. Her ambition and determination have left her with little time to waste. She has achieved in 1 years of touring what most will not in 5. For Jehonë, sharing her music and taking people on a ride is only the outcome of long hours of digging the finest tunes, themes, promo tracks and exploring new ideas. “Partying is a “serious” job” she likes to say. Having fed her passion for music from the dance floor, she knows what it takes to take a crowd exactly where she wants it to be. Jehonë is that intersection where passion, work and generosity meet. It’s all these attributes and more that have justified her place in Y Serious?. The label wanted to have on its rooster a promising talent from the Balkans to bring something unique to the scene… check! All bight being a listed artist she’s one of Y Serious?’s most engaged ambassadors and a foundation of its drive.
It comes as no surprise that she has already played alongside some of the industries finest and has seduced Europe’s best club’s dancefloor. Nordstern Basel has greeted her among its resident DJs to help her progress in her career and give her the tools she needs to achieve the high goals she’s set for herself. “Echo” is the repetition of a sound caused by reflection of sound waves… Jehonë has music in her DNA, but with a twist.

Didier started djing in th early 90s under the Name of Didier de la Boutique in places like Rock Babylon or Unique Club in Düsseldorf .In 1995 he moved to Berlin and quickly got involved into Berlins vibrating funk scene and play regular in places like, Cookies, Lovelite, Grüner Salon or famous 103 Club. In 2000 he teamed up with Edgar Peng aka Ras ( Sonar Kollektiv) under the Name of Turmspringer .Their music taste, backgrounds and their individual vinyl collections brought them to stick together as DJ and Producer Team. Turmspringer became Major Players on Berlin’s Techno and House circuit since 2004. Their colorful sound and their infectious positive energy behind the decks and instruments, made them swap quickly from an insider tip to one of Berlin’s most wanted DJ and electronic live acts. In 2004 he invented Saturday afterhours 5vor12 in famous Golden Gate and still host a regular Friday Night called Stay tuned .Among friends he organised Camp Tipsy and becomes a part of Bachstelzen joining the Fusion Festival. He released Tracks on labels like Blaq , Tonkind , Panta , Kung Fu Dub and created his own plattform Compute Music in 2015

Matija ist ein weitgereister Herr: Aus der Aargauer Provinz, wo er seine musikalisch ersten (und zweiten und dritten) Schritte tat, zog es Ihn in den Strassendschungel der Deutschen Hauptstadt, wo er 6 Jahre blieb und sein Handwerk vertiefte.
Und wenn man es in Berlin schafft, dann nimmt man klein-Zürich im Sturm: Matija setzte nach seiner Rückkehr zur Eroberung der Schweizer Szeni-Metropole an. Mit Erfolg: Nach Partyreihen im Supermarket, Hive (und anderen Clubs) arbeitete er jahrelang als Abend-Manager im Zürcher Hive-Club und spielt in Diesem immer noch als Resident fleissig weiter, unter anderem auch mit seinem Zweitprrojekt Sobuth und Weiss (zusammen mit Sayan Sobuth). Mittlerweile schweizweit und oft auch international unterwegs, sorgt er immer wider für für den gewissen Touch auf den Dancefloo