13.11.2021, 23:59

Gretchen - Hospitality Berlin 2021 // SOLD OUT

Flyer für: Gretchen - Hospitality Berlin 2021 // SOLD OUT
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Fresh off the back of a vibe-packed show at Club Gretchen, we're coming back to Berlin in November 2021!
(This show is rescheduled from November 2020)
Get ready for a night of show-stopping D+B names and unbeatable vibes!


Box 1: Hospitalitydnb
Camo & Krooked

Hosted By:

Supported By:

Hosted By:
MC Jamie White

Box 2:
Kalle Kuts (G.I. DISCO)


Our new show date is Saturday 13th November 2021 when we hope that the country will be in a better place to hold music events at a normal capacity.

If you're in a position to do so, we'd be hugely grateful for you to hold onto your tickets so we can finally dance together again. Alternatively, you can contact Resident Advisor directly to request a refund.

Rescheduling the event twice only means that we're twice as excited to be putting on this show and we'll be putting in twice the effort to make it an uplifting D+B reunion that you will never ever forget. We will also ensure that the lineup remains the same!

Spread love,

+++ CORONA +++
(english below)

Leider müssen wir das Konzert als 2G-Veranstaltung (geimpft oder genesen) durchführen.
Die Clubnacht findet indoor, ohne Masken- und Abstandspflicht statt, und es darf getanzt werden.

Bitte bringt Impf- oder Genesenennachweise digital verifizierbar als QR-Code mit! Der QR-Code kann in Papierform oder digital vorgelegt werden und muss mit einem amtlichen Lichtbildausweis abgeglichen werden.

Die verpflichtende Kontaktnachverfolgung erfolgt via LUCA oder CORONA WARN APP. Bitte installiere eine der beiden Apps auf deinem Mobiltelefon. Dies erleichtert uns und Euch den Einlassprozess.

Du hast ein Ticket, bist aber (noch) nicht vollständig geimpft oder genesen?
Du kannst Dein Ticket da zurückgeben, wo Du es gekauft hast. Bitte tue dies bis spätestens 7 Tage vor Veranstaltung, damit die Karten dann anderen Menschen zur Verfügung stehen.


Unfortunately we have to do the night as a 2G event (vaccinated or recovered).
The clubnight takes place indoors, without mask and distance requirements, and you are allowed to dance.

Please bring a proof of vaccination or convalescence with you, digitally verifiable as a QR code!
The QR code can be presented in paper form or digitally and must be checked with an official photo ID.

The mandatory contact tracking will be done via LUCA or CORONA WARN APP.
Please install one of the two apps on your mobile phone. This makes the admission process easier for us and you.

Do you have a ticket but are not (yet) fully vaccinated or have recovered?
You can return your ticket where you bought it. Please do this no later than 7 days before the event so that the tickets are then available to other people.