05.12.2019, 23:59

Griessmuehle - MELD w/ Vlada, Ethel and Meld residents

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We've had a right ol' time doing our Thursday parties in the Silo Room at Griessmuehle and after a string of 5, December sees us bringing the year to a close.

For the occasion we've stuck to the usual plan: booking 2 decent DJs and sticking them in one of the best rooms in Berlin. Tunes this time from:

> Vlada - A regular at Moscow's Volks and Arma17 parties, Vlada has a knack for dipping into the weirdest corners of dance music and bringing together highly varied selections that work just as well in a podcast format (as evinced within numerous top quality recordings) as they do on the floor.

> Ethel - A French DJ very much 'on the rise', Ethel co-runs the amicable afters event Sobremesa alongside one of our previous guests Sugar Free. Always carrying the nicest vibes, she has a broad bag of tunes and also makes music as E.N.E with her most recent outing being on Voiceless.

Residents on the night will be Christian Jay, Sam Rodd and Sam Mole..and it's Rodd's last Meld party as a Berlin resident in case you were after another excuse to sack off Friday.


Vlada -
Ethel -
Christian Jay -
Sam Rodd -

RA event - https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1333310

Artwork - Faye Johnson