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Griessmuehle - Duality - Liber Null Berlin / Monolith Records - Hosted by Griessmuehle

Flyer für: Griessmuehle - Duality - Liber Null Berlin / Monolith Records - Hosted by Griessmuehle
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Duality describes humanity's usual condition. All phenomena must be paired as the senses are equipped to perceive differences or oppositions. Happiness exists only because of misery, pain because of comfort, good because of evil, love because of hate, black because of white, slavery because of freedom, birth because of death and existence because of non-existence.

Liber Null actions are mind-body experiences. Happenings that touch the brain and then move to the body and let the body move. Monolith's experience happens in an introspective optic by proposing contemporary tales based on consistent topics. The platform aims to recall those ancient values that got lost in the present.

The anniversary and double edition of June is the unification of Liber Null with Monolith Records under one force. The glue between the two entities is the compulsive research of truth, a complex happening on different levels. Perception -intended as the cooperation of the senses and shaped by learning, memory, expectations and attention- is the tool to measure and judge reality. We celebrate the junction of two seeking the one. We negate any form of contamination to the real pure intentions of those who believe in a deep personal development, to those who are growing passions and feeding themselves of the beauty contained in their creation.

Exercise duality. Place brain and body. Enter Liber Null.


Opening Art Performance - Stefano Taiuti - " Duality "


Mauris Floor

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Gondwana | Live | | Opal Tapes |
Mace./1944 To Eternity. | Live | | Eclipse Music | Veleno Viola |
MXM | No Label
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Marcus | Limited | 030 |
Izars | Inner Escape | Graphene |
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Terra Floor

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+ Special Guests:
Anastasia Kristensen | Harvey Copenhagen |
Hyperaktivist | Unst


Monolith Floor

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Stefano Rocchi | Live | Monolith Records | Love Blast |
88uw | Monolith Records | Synewave |
Sirio Gry J | Monolith Records | Liber Null Berlin |
Frank & David | Monolith Records |


Exhibition Floor

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Violet Poison is a dark, enigmatic and esoteric side-project of Francesco Baudazzi, also known as Obtane, co-owner with Giorgio Gigli of now defunct techno label Zooloft.
Violet Poison focuses on analogue sounding proto-techno with influences from 70’s Italian progressive bands like Goblin and OST composers like Fabio Frizzi to early Downwards records circa 1994-1995. The style can be defined as techno of a bit esoteric nature with elements from 90’s warehouse material mixed with VHS horror movies aesthetics.
During his performance, he may wear a nylon mask - something that’s reminiscent of “Phantom of the Opera” character. Musically he takes inspiration from the mythical and gothic field: conspiracy theories, egyptology, ancient alien civilizations and freemasonry.
Violet Poison has released on Vatican Shadow’s labels including an LP on Hospital Productions and an EP on Bed of Nails, as well as on his own label Violet Poison and Repitch Recordings. Amongst the notable are the two albums in 2014 “Sovrastrutture” on Opal Tapes and "Non Sequitur” on Haunted Air Records, featuring ‘psychedelic cyberpunk techno with the trademark industrial flavour and reference points ranging from the fractured electronics of NY no-wavers Ike Yard to the Sandwell experiments of Function.’
In January 2015 Violet Poison will launch Veleno Viola, his own new label with the first release “Absence Generator.” Veleno Viola will carry on his new approach to DIY and post-punk aesthetics with the main focuses of rhythmic noise, experimental dark ambient and power electronics, with the sound characteristics of using his own vocals and the mid-tempo manner that trademarked some of his previous works while still maintaining a cyberpunk attitude.



Mace. is the irrational identity of the Italian sound artist Enrico Cesaro. His music comes from the urge to sonorize and narrate historic and financial events and appears now as a deranged entanglement of vintage electronica, synth wave with shots of industrial and power electronics.So far, it has released his music on the Seattle based Further Records, the italian Eclipse Music (which published last month his new Ep “Non Succede Niente”) and he just announced his forthcoming 12” for new Violet Poison’s label Veleno Viola, that will be out under the alias “1944 To Eternity”.



Gondwana aka Andrea Taeggi is an Italian musician residing in Berlin. After majoring in piano at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, he gradually delved into electronic music ranging from research sound design to post-dance floor, passing through reel-to-reel tape experiments and vintage analog monster synths. He recently started Gondwana, his new solo project whose debut record release happened on January 19th on UK label Opal Tapes (available for streaming here His music can be described as sculptural, tactile, bodily, quasi-psychedelic and somewhat funky, using improvisation during his live shows. He's interested in working with all sorts of instruments/machines from the past, as an inspirational basis for composing. He's also one half of the duo Lumisokea (Opal Tapes/Eat Concrete) which released 5 records so far (https://lumisokea.bandcamp.com). He toured extensively in Europe, and occasionally also in North and South America.




Marcus, AKA Marco de Paulis, is a Roman DJ who has been based in Berlin for a few years.
Born and raised in Rome, he had his first approach to electronic music when he was very young, when he started going out to the clubs and illegal parties of the Italian capital.
He started his career at the age of 16, having his first gigs in the Roman club scene at the age of 18.
His sound was shaped by the Techno myths from Detroit and the UK, which are still influencing him today, and even now he is pursuing costant evolution.
Techno, for him, means more than just music. It's more than sounds, it's more than noises - Techno is a statement of love and a way of life; Techno is the energy of every day; Techno is technology but also his voice when he plays.
Going against mainstream and music trends, he believes in the true spirit of music- using it as a voice of riot; believing in the music connections; fighting against the standard canons and the music business, which is ruining the real soul and essence of this music.
Marcus' DJ sets are characterized by raw and dirty industrial sounds but with strong energy impact on the floor and the crowd, as he is a DJ coming originally from the dance floor.



Izars is an artist from Córdoba, Spain. In 2008, he got in touch with electronic music for the first time. His initial influences come from the Birmingham and Detroit techno scenes moving on to a more industrial side of techno. The blending of these genres can be perceived through out his musical career, characterized by an experimental approach.Along with a more industrial side of techno, he blended these influences and started experimenting with sound..In July 2014 his first EP was published with the label, Graphene.



MXM is a Berlin based dj/producer from Rome. He moved to Berlin in 2013 in order to undertake sound engineering studies. After his first appearance in Berlin, which dates back to early 2014, he has played in Rome, Barcelona and Poznan. Last performing act in Berlin was in Tresor's New Faces. His constantly evolving vision of music is based on a research on dark introspective techno influenced by new wave and the post-industrial music scene of the 90's.




Scarlit Port

Scarlit Port is an electronic musician and composer based in Berlin. For the time being, his musical aesthetics are defined by his fusion of the more ritualistic and left field aspects of his musical background into club-focussed material. His productions and performances draw influence from: microtonality, the stock-market, Krautrock, TV, agriculture, IDM, dub techno, video games, architecture, industrial noise, psychedelic and stochastic music, to name just a few. That explains the fact why Scarlit Port is ambivalent about relating his sound to only one (or two) established genre(s). For him, music is all about cooking with magickal energies and methods in order to heal and uplift. This summer his debut EP “XII-XV” will be released on Monolith Records. For Scarlit Port’s DUALITY performance you should expect: absolutely nothing.


DE Vs Troit

DE vs. Troit is a B2B project founded in 2014 in Berlin.
The two guys were born in Italy, have started from the beginning of their adventure in the capital of Germany, producing their first tracks, with their own musical concept is true Detroit - Berlin Techno. In a short time they managed to get a lot of satisfaction with their firsts EP with the labels Lost Demo, Dunsciat and Vizion Division and soon will come out with the Serial Number 849 Records and others.
Supported from DJs like Alex Bau, Adriana Lopez, Ben Klock, Joseph Capriati, Luke Slater, Rodhad, Speedy J and more ...
From June 2014 they are transmitted monthly podcast on Seance Radio from UK, currently are resident DJs of the crew Liber Null Berlin.



Alex Jakupovic

Probably our youngest resident-dj born in Berlin on 94.
One of his first experiences with electronic music was when a friend invited him over to listen to some Prodigy tunes. Ever since Alex' interests have been expanding to all kinds of electronic sound explorations, spending countless hours digging through releases, looking for the true gems. Now he plays an experimental-industrial techno with many breakbeat and noise influences."




The project UNHUMAN is all about darkness and misanthropy. All human himself, Manos Simotas is the producer, DJ and promoter working behind this alias, creating a radical extreme sound with drone and rhythm influences mixed with the worst human nightmares.
Born in Athens, his father's first present - Manos was about seven years old - was a „20 years best of Black Sabbath“ album. Inspired by those sounds, his musical education started a year later with learning the guitar. Later on, he discovered the power of frequencies and sound.After graduating high school, he studied sound engineering while he was already working in several studios. Experimental, post punk, dark ambient, noise rock and new wave were just a few genres in which he exchanged, while working with great musicians and artists from the dark underground.
UNHUMAN was founded as a noise project in 2012 in Athens with the release of his first tape, named „Emperor Black“ on Species Productions and „To The Lovers Farewell“ on Red Venice Records.
More and more interested in radical noise, experimental and industrial music, a whole new world of possibilities opened up when Manos moved to Berlin in 2012. After founding the Lärm-Alarm-Lärm festival, he combined the idea of underground music and high quality events and brought the result onto a next level.
In a new Berlin project space called „Shift“, he organised many formats like workshops and experimental interactive audio/visual performances and got into contact with „Tresor“, where he played in September 2014.
His current event project „Liber Null“ unifies the freedom of arts in a conceptual party, that got very popular in the past year, and was hosted in clubs like Shift, Kino International, Urban Spree, Chesters and Fiese Remiese.
With his DJ-project he has performed alongside many other artists such as iFormat, Substance aka Dj Pete, Svreka, DJ Marieu (The Analogue Cops), Lower Order Ethics, Monica Hits The Ground, Keluar (Zoe Zanias),Lumisokea.




Sophisticated deep techno with dub influences. Technocolors.


Project Gestalten

Raised in a cold Catholic environment as a child. Forced into Pentecostal exorcism as a teenager. Judged by bigoted Baptists as an adult. Ejected by policemen from Orthodox church grounds as an artist. He did what he had to do in order to endure the very friendly Christian environment: TECHNO


Anastasia Kristensen

Anastasia Kristensen is an artist of Russian origin, who now lives and works in Copenhagen after moving to Denmark in her early teens.
With a background in ballet, she has always been immersed in the creative worlds of music and dance. This led to her deep fascination with techno; she has kept an eye on rare releases since her early teenage years. After trying her hand spinning several genres, she fell in love with the dynamic, submerging and raw sound of techno. She is inspired by rich baselines, sophisticated heavy kicks, and she has a keen interest in creating a unique and personal atmosphere when playing techno. For the past year she has been spinning throughout Copenhagen, Saint Petersburg, and once in Berlin. Kristensen enjoys variation in her DJ sets, demonstrating great taste and depth of knowledge in her inspired track selections.




It was in 2009 when Hyperaktivist started to work on setting the groundwork for her Dj career. Ana Laura Rincón blended hyperactivity with activism developing electronic music culture in her native Venezuela – a country with few record stores and few electronic music industry affiliations.
Relocated to Berlin in early 2012, where she is currently producing her own music and just finished a degree on sound engineer. Her sets are powerful, deep, and stylistically fluid, without subscribing to just one particular sound or genre her sets are a mixed between Techno with percussive grooves, deep sentimental transitions all the way back to the uplifting House.
“After assisting to the last edition of Liber Null I found myself getting inspired by the industrial sounds and heavy techno beats, for what I decided to spontaneously grab some of my techno favorites and record a only techno set. There is where I found my duality between my big love for House and my obsession with Techo and the process of sound design and set of frequencies that involves creating a legendary techno track so basic but yet so complex, messy but clean… beautiful “

Here a taste of what I’m preparing for Liber Null Berlin



Using dark, industrial, metallic and almost sci-fi sounds. The Obsoleet live set, is a journey of exploration of the inner self, exploring the boundaries of human emotion. As we try and find ways to reconnect, with ourself and those around us, standing on the borderline of uncertainty, looking for escape.

1. No longer in general use; fallen into disuse.
2. Of a discarded or outmoded type; out of date.
3. No longer in use, especially, out of use for at least the past century.
4. Effaced by wearing down or away.
5. Biology imperfectly developed or rudimentary in comparison with the corresponding character in other individuals, as of the opposite sex or of a related species.

1. Having no face.
2. Without character or identity; anonymous.
Why fight so hard, to give in so easy.

To become obsolete, is to no longer be recognised. It no longer becomes relevant who makes the music, but more what the music is about. In an attempt to no longer be yourself, you choose to assume another identity. Disconnecting from yourself, to become something you are not, as you attempt to escape something you no longer want to be.



Stefano Rocchi

Born in Rome at the end of 80’s, grown constantly surrounded by music, Stefano Rocchi started working on music as a game or "beatboxing” with his friend Sirio Gry J.
Stefano Rocchi also involved with graphics, architecture, and mathematics, got to learn more and more about sound design and the hardware structure of audio systems, adopting an engineering approach.
The music culture going through Techno, like Detroit style or more Chicago House, until Minimal rhythm and Rock atmosphere.
Music is passion and Stefano wants to share emotions through electronic beats influenced by classic basics as Detroit Techno and Chicago house, minimalism and Rock 'n' roll. His sound got spread over Europe in clubs like Rashomon, Circolo deli Illuminati, Magazzino33, Muzak, Bilbliotechina, Trecentosessantagradi, Vicious and Animal Social Club in Rome, Russian Bar (in London) and La Macarena (Barcelona). Now that he shaped up a deeply personal Live set, the artist is looking forward to spread these more intimate ideas to those who are looking for something deeper.
Stefano's workflow is focused on the research of a very unique sound; despite the short activity of few years, his persistency allowed him to deliver a big amount of truly original productions to many different labels already and to print his first vinyl called "Contatto" on Love Blast, followed several months later by the second record, "Contrasto" on Blackwater.




88UW has rapidly gained attention as a worldclass producer with a modern take on dark driving techno – remarkably he’s only been releasing music since 2010 but his impressive discography already includes releases on Synewave NYC, Slap Jaxx, Starkstrom/Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Naked Lunch, IF? and more.
His love of techno has been cultured from years before making a name for himself DJing across Germany and especially in his hometown Hamburg, where his own OpenAir party series “Grenzgaenger” has found great popularity with his persistent sets in the morning hours often continuing until noon and beyond. But of course his dark, driving sets are also perfectly at home at night in a club or warehouse.
Since 2012 88UW is resident DJ at legendary club Tresor in Berlin where he ́s hosting “New Faces” ones a month presenting talents from all over the world and of course permanent featured at the weekends playing alongside DJ Rush, Damon Wild, Alan Fitzpatrick only to name a few.


Sirio Gry J

Sirio Grimaldi (aka Sirio Gry J) founder of Monolith Records, borns in Rome in the late 80's. His love for music comes up seems his childhood, getting refined and renewed through years and experiences. In the early teenage period he starts practicing beatbox for fun, but in the same period he discovers the world of deejaying inspired by the famous “Sound Of Rome”, an important worldwide reference for techno during the 90’s; his first beats came from that avant-gardiste and underground movement. Evolving through years, the research of fresh and innovative sounds became a constant, alongside entering deeper and deeper more classic sounds such as many aspects of rock 'n' roll (from progressive and psychedelic to metal and punk), 80's and 90's dance, house, ambient, trip hop, popular music, industrial, break beat and Gabber. He provides a wide range of sounds in his sets, going from great lounge and chill out tunes, to deep and atmospheric beats getting involved with raw and industrial techno grooves. After having a good career in deejaying with his Italian crew "Techlab", playing several times in venues like Rashomon, he moved to London where he could enter the underground scene of The City. There he could refine his taste and wide up his view about music getting gigs in venues such as Pacha, The Egg, Cafè 1001, Russian Bar. Recently digging the Berlin’s underground, he’s currently focusing on producing techno for labels like Kaputt, TMM, Alhena and (of course) the Monolith Records, a fresh polyhedral ambitious Berlin based project which looks ahead to the grim future of human kind. The platform hosts artists from the world cooperating with graphics and music to tell about the necessary transition phase of our world order.



Frank & David

Frank & David come from another reality.
The human duo saw the grim desolating future that is waiting for us. They saw "The Waste Land", an hopeless place coming up directly as a result of the human kind's actual action on Earth. They know already that humans are not designed to rule over the existence, neither on this planet nor on any other. What humans learned through sciences changed and evolved nearly all of the life's aspects, but following a fateful direction for the existence itself. The only focus was put on the "growth" of the single's power rather than embrace a collective aware common direction. Frank & David already know that the atavistic hunger of mankind has no mercy, not even for the existence itself. The consequences of the generated pain over thousands years needs to find a balance according to the universal laws ruling the organized reality that we know, different from the primitive chaos. Trying to denounce this warped reality through the Monolith, Frank and David want to shape an icon which comes as the symbol of the transition phase that we are living between new orders. The Monolith wants to tell stories of our times through soulful music; often related to techno-ambient-industrial sounds the duo doesn't stick to genres, but try provide a message through a succession of emotional-related sounds while waiting for the cancelation.
The next pending reality will probably not feature the human race in order to guarantee the overall existence and balance of the universe.


Opening art performance by Stefano Taiuti

Duality is a construct of the mind,
an easy way to understand the world by dividing it in simple categories.
Duality is obviously an illusion, and this comprehension a dangerous fake.
Like two side of a coin, there is no male without female, no light without
darkness, no pleasure without pain, no music without silence,
no reality without a witness.
This is a dance of power and weakness, of control and abandonment,
of mind and body being one.
Is the dance of the sacrificial lamb becoming the God,
of the flesh becoming the spirit.
Why being here just to dance, when we can be starting a revolution?



Photo, Michał ANdrysiak, Jessica Comis
Art direction: Thalia Paraskeva
Graphics: Eugenio Trapani