21.08.2019, 23:59

Griessmuehle - Summer Camp: Unbound Events x The29Nov

Flyer für: Griessmuehle - Summer Camp: Unbound Events x The29Nov
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Voiski - live
DJ Winggold
DJ Paramedic b2b Dr. Blowfin
Aidan Ray

Silo Floor:
Sebastian Kökow
kevin paschold

Killekill follows its long tradition of running Wednesday nights and curates a line of events for July and August at Griessmuehle, bringing together friends and crews from all over the world. For this one, we are bringing together our best mates from the29nov films, who are mostly known for their music videos which they produced for almost all major figures in the techno scene. They team up with Voitax to bring a line up together, which will crossover from jungle to dystopian techno.

Unbound Events from London was borne out of a dream where musical worlds would collide to form a universe of infinite possibilities. A dark, pulsating kaleidoscope in which boundaries blur and cease to exist, anything is possible within the domain of Unbound. Brought to life by passionate music lovers with an obsessive, genre-agnostic approach to music, the world of Unbound is one in which typical constraints are cast aside and set ablaze in order to blow the system wide open. In the Unbound universe, everything is true and nothing is a given – you can do anything that your mind’s eye can perceive, can be whoever you want.

Given Killekill’s trailblazing approach in Berlin’s clubbing landscape, they’re the perfect partners for the Unbound crew. Their genre-bending approach, disregard for standard rules and consistently on-point sonic explorations perfectly embodies the essence of Unbound. Following their first collaboration in London for Killekill’s 10 year anniversary with Radioactive Man, Neil Landstrumm and Killekill’s DJ Flush, it was immediately clear that both crews were kindred spirits.

When considering who to headline Unbound’s first international foray, it was clear that Voiski would be the perfect fit; his dynamic live set takes in a range of styles ranging from deep and dubby to syncopated, arpeggiated grooves. He never fails to surprise, offering numerous inventive, bass-heavy takes on his singular post-trance style and, in doing so, his desire to innovate shows exactly why he personifies the Unbound spirit. Prepare to view the world in a new light. Prepare to escape into a new frontier. Prepare to be Unbound.