24.11.2016, 23:55

Griessmuehle - Techno Scene Offline

Flyer für: Griessmuehle - Techno Scene Offline
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999999999 * live (NineTimesNine)
dotwav (KONFLKT)
Daito (Front Left Records)
MM_I (Techno Scene)
Jon Snow B2B Juerga (Urbanum)
Assonance (Techno Scene)

For the past 2 years the Techno Scene Facebook group been fast growing on its way to 50k members worldwide, providing a rich avenue for techno enthusiasts, producers and DJ’s to come together and share their passion for the music genre that they love. The Techno Scene wants to give back to its fans by presenting, Techno Scene Offline.

Techno Scene Offline represents the efforts of a few members in Berlin dedicated to bringing the group from your computer screen to the club. Having assembled a roster of producers and DJ’s that best represent the sound of techno today, as well as the future, we are also happy to provide a platform for up and coming DJ’s to showcase their talents.

Calling out all techno nerds, up-and-coming DJ’s and producers, hard-working/studious ravers, and bored Berliners: let’s meet OFFLINE and dance.

RA: www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?895197