28.06.2019, 23:55

Griessmuehle - Antidote: 30yrs Djax-Up-Beats & Capriccio

Flyer für: Griessmuehle - Antidote: 30yrs Djax-Up-Beats & Capriccio
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Room 1
Miss Djax (Djax Up Beats)
ADIEL (Danza Tribale, Goa / Ultrabeat (OFFICIAL))
Clara Cuvé (Stock5)
Prantel (Antidote, Griessmuehle)

Room 2
Traxx (Nation)(Germany Exclusive Show)
Steve Summers presents Death Commando (live)
Reade Truth (Path Records, Non Serviam)
Alex from Queens (Capriccio, Non Serviam)

Room 3
Hosted by Mango Discs & The Midnight Disco
w/ Donna Leake & more
FB event: https://bit.ly/31wftN8

RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1262600

Antidote returns to Griessmuehle this month and brings you another wave of heat in these hot days: From Miss Djax, the founder of the legendary Djax-Up-Beats label and acid ambassador over the rising italian icon Adiel to genre cutting femme fatale Clara Cuvé the main room will offer fiery techno for every taste!
Not only do we celebrate 30 years of Djax in room 1 but also the return of the sonic daredavil TRAXX after a 3 year hiatus back to the decks of Berlin. He will grace us with his only performance in Germany this summer in Room 2, which is hosted by Capriccio, a New York party and collective founded by Alex from Queens, bringing another two east cost legends straight down to the Silo: Reade Truth from NYC and Steve Summers from Maryland, the latter will perform a special live show under his Death Commando moniker.
Early in the morning we will open outside with a special collab of Mango Discs & the Midnight Disco who invited Donna Leake among others.

A big thank you to the master Alan Oldham to provide us with the most fitting Artwork possible!