08.11.2015, 12:00

Hoppetosse - Outer Place

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We left you lost in the woods of the italian country side between those antique walls which hosted the magic moments with ZIP, and now we are ready to rock one of the most important electronic music rendez-vous in Berlin.
Location? The one of a kind and forward thinking club within Berlin's night life, the floating Hoppetosse.
Formula of the day: quality music and a continuous journey with the residents and founders Ma.to, Dom Dunkel and Lorenzo Chiabotti, amongst the outstanding guests for this special occasion:
Petre Inspirescu, Thomas Melchior and Andrey Pushkarev, the latter making his first real debut performance in Hoppetosse....
No way I would miss this.

Line up:
// Petre Inspirescu //

// Thomas Melchior //

// Andrey Pushkarev //

// Lorenzo Chiabotti //

// Ma.to //

// Dom Dunkel //

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