14.07.2023, 23:00

Hoppetosse - Extended Partybar 3000

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House Main:
ANDI A. b2b NEGROLATOR X [Tooflez Muzik],
astrein b2b onlylou [Letzte Wiese]
Lilith Suffrajitsu
Phil White b2b Nik Loewenhardt [Call From Space]

Disco Downstairs:
Cara Carpaccio [SCHROTT REC.]
Schlecksi & Christine [Letzte Wiese]
stinia 3000

Pre-sale: 12€ via PayPal (how to via Newsletter https://bit.ly/3kHNNPB)
Box office 15€

With Extended PARTYBAR 3000, Letzte Wiese brings the cute, glitter-shiny bar floor from DIE LETZTE WIESE into the club for one (almost) never ending night.
This is what we are and what we love: home of no bullshit, a floor that never closes, hands up in the air..party time..and indeed extended. Celebrating the essence of party with you together at the bar and on the dance floor.
No matter if top or bottom, let's switch and float between floors, sweaty people and sounds of House and Disco.

Line-Up: Friends and almost family of Letzte Wiese, for sure with Schlecksiiiiiii

We have zero tolerance for racism, sexism, and violence. Hot tits is no more a compliment than the AFD is an alternative, and if you think black people dance better anyway, maybe you're just not good at thinking & dancing.