18.03.2018, 18:00

Hoppetosse - the Volks at Hoppetosse

the Volks are back on the boat with a spring visit. The party is going to have an experimental evening act. Find below a couple of lines introducing our Moscow-attached guests who will take care of playing hybridized beats

Prime ideologist of an international phenomenon of Arma17 and Outline festival. When questioning her artistic identity take a precise look at the latest Arma label releases. Then add borderline techno and electro, a drop of acid, post-industrial music, darker ambient and noise.

Anton Zap
A thorough expert when it comes to producing club-focused house music and versatile mind when it comes to releases exploring slow cosmic soundscapes with ambient elements. Owner of labels Ethereal Sound and Volking music and an unconditional part of the Moscow electronic scene.

Vlada will join the slow-jam and the proper dance section will be guided by Denis Kaznacheev, Maayan Nidam and Andrew James Gustav.