23.03.2019, 23:59

Hoppetosse - Slowdance label night – Hoppetosse

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Slowdance label night @Hoppetosse

The next part of Slowdance global music expansion to be unpacked for the second time in Berlin. The label night party jumps on the hilarious board of Hoppetosse with an uplifting route driven by dozens of swinging beats and groovy soundscapes. With Spacetravel and Tolga Fidan as experienced Berlin-based boat captains from the taste-making labels as Perlon and Apollonia, get ready to wander around futuristic house textures and dance on the live deep techno waves. Bringing both signature sound experience and laid back & community style vibes, Slowdance crew will keep the wheels spinning.

Slowdance community is based in Moscow and from the very beginning of its foundation was built in the name of love for music and friends. Year by year, paying more attention to details in the organization of parties, the project was transformed into a large community, a vinyl label and a professional team developing its musicians. Recently, the team has actively participated in many collaborations around the world and organized events in Moscow with such labels as MiniBar, Pressure Traxx, Mosaic Records, Sushitech records, Discobar, Sol-Asylum, Yoyaku agency and others.


// Spacetravel (Perlon, Melliflow)
// Tolga Fidan live (Apollonia, Vakant)
// Finetune live
// Tagir