26.03.2017, 17:00

Hoppetosse - 3 years of the Volks

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Restless tour seeking for inspiration and sonic delights inevitably makes friends world-wide. Moscow-based / Berlin-attached line of relations between the Volks and the underground scene is to be whole-heartedly represented on a special day.

We picked-up a couple of milestones of 3-years old individuals to celebrate. Mere a whimsy but there is no rules if you are a birthday person!

The first one to stay on and may be the most important one is that by three they understand the idea of same and different. A stage for a baby but a competence for those who deliver something special! We put a tick and continue with this knowledge in a pocket.

The second one we can’t accomplish - still having difficulties with understanding time better. Morning, afternoon, night are mostly twisted and intermixed. Maybe the only thing that hints at a sense of time is rhythm. And this is presumably forever.

Well, if these two above have a clear answer then the following two need an assistance. The ability to tell stories and to be deeply involved in fantasy plays is the last step to initiate a new period of growing - and we really should practice at least one session more in a company!

Dj Masda
Nicolas Lutz