30.12.2017, 23:55

Hoppetosse - MEMBERS - The Lucky Pigs - Powered by Scruff

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In order to ease the transition from the old to the New Year we are traditionally celebrating today, this time in the name of all lucky pigs!

You really got lucky:
MARTIN LANDSKY is going to make your members shake. This global player releases since more than 15 years on labels like Poker Flat or Mobilee and teamed up with the likes of Laurent Garnier, Loco Dice or Miss Kittin. Hits like '1000 Miles' or 'Housed' are since their release a sure shot on the dance floors around the world.

On top MEMBERS residents MARC MIROIR and HINTERGRUNDRAUSCHEN are riding the high waves of the deep waters like they always do - on both floors.

Experienced on the seething sea is DEVAN, who will let off some steam of the pressure pot like we know he does from previous MEMBERS gigs.

With all his Tresor expertise MANUEL MÜNSTER is the second captain on the techno floor who will steer the ship on hard line to get it on the right course of bliss.