05.09.2015, 20:00

house of weekend - Weekend Memories pres Claap. w. GummiHz ...

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Weekend Memories pres Claap. w. GummiHz ...

Line Up.
GummiHz (Claap, Transmat Records)
Kindimmer (Claap, Poker Flat Recordings)
Square Room Heroes (Claap, Visionquest)

Claap was founded in 2010 by Alex Tsotsos. Based in Berlin, it is a music platform aiming to introducing fresh talent to the international electronic music sphere.

Focusing strongly on raw and intuitive house and techno, Claap has released music from upcoming artists like Kindimmer, Nightdrivers, Square Room Heores, BODJ, Quell, Moire Patterns and John Dimas. Along with productions and remixes from GummiHz, Nikola Gala, Jimpster, Manoo, D’Julz, Oskar Offermann, Ekkohaus, Argy and Santonio Echols

Since it’s inaugural release “Sapfo” (GummiHz & Nikola Gala/ 2010) Claap hit a note with many djs in the international sphere. Some highlights are “songs from the continents” (GummiHz/ 2010), “oasy/ get it” (Nikola Gala/ John Dimas/ 2011), “Head Rush” (GummiHz/ 2011), “Party people” (Nikola Gala/ 2012), “The roots anthems” (Moire Patterns/ 2013), and more recently “Workz on dope” (Kindimmer/ 2014) . The first milestone was set last summer with the label’s debut mixed compilation titled “GummiHz presents Alles Claap vol.1”. The label’s sound has already gained many followers and is a favorite amongst many industry heads.