03.09.2016, 23:59

Humboldthain - Magic Waves w/ Ratsnake *live, VCS 2600 *live, Jay Mond and many more

Magic Waves x Humboldthain Club

Ratsnake *live
Vcs2600 *live [Rikos Records]
Casio Dance DJ [Magic Waves]
Jay Mond [Sistrum, Humboldthain]
Undermind [Humboldthain]
MVDL [ ILL | Uebel und Gefährlich]
Achim Funk (Das Zündet | Nordachse)
Erkko [Helsinki]
Naks [Vortex Traks]

Visuals & Mapping by Framework Visuals

Magic Waves and Humboldthain present a night of surprises and disguises.

Ratsnake *live
Special mystery treat - for those who know.

Vcs2600 *live
The Stilleben and Rikos-released artist will bring you some crisp, precise, top-notch electro with plenty of heavy bass.

In addition to the live sets Humboldthain and Magic Waves residents are taking over the DJ duties.

The night would not be complete without the upstairs floor offerings of disco and italo presented by our own Casio Dance DJ with support from Achim Funk of Das Zündet and Helsinki-heavyweight Erkko.

RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?869192