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Humboldthain - Aerial Voyage - w/ Institut, Laune, Herz, Schakl

Flyer für: Humboldthain - Aerial Voyage - w/ Institut, Laune, Herz, Schakl
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„It was in one of the noble valleys at the foot of this mountain that we found the very superior species of the Vespertilio-homo. In stature they did not exceed those last described, but they were of infinitely greater personal beauty, and appeared in our eyes scarcely less lovely than the general representations of angels by the more imaginative schools of painters.“
- The New York Sun, 31. 08. 1835 **

We invite all Berlin lunatics, vespertilio-hominis and hobby-astronomers to join us for a night of interstellar sound in remembrance of Sir John Herschel, discoverer of the man-bat population living in the Atlas valley of the moon.

Line Up

Dark Side of the Moon (Main)

00-02 DRWN (Sonntagsinstitut)
02-04 John C. Smith (Sonntagsinstitut)
04-?? Dr. Faustus (Sonntagsinstitut)

Bat Country (Gold)

00-02 Juliet b2b Aleko Tersa (Gute Laune)
02-04 sin:port b2b Sir Simon (Herz&Leber)
04-06 Ring & Dorf (Ram Schakl)

** The Great Moon Hoax was a series of articles about the discovery of a population of fantastic animals and angelic man-bats living on the the moon, falsely attributed to the great british astronomer Sir John F. W. Herschel. On the 16th of September 1835, exactly 181 years ago, the New York Sun finally admitted that they made up the articles to increase the popularity of their paper.