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Flyer für: Humboldthain - LIQUID ARCHITECTURE
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Berlin has long been a hive of talented DJs and producers, and the latest such individual to emerge from the city in that regard is Monosoul.
The Limburg native the sort of producer whose sound benefits from a raw and angular approach, and it’s a sound that comes to the fore via his latest EP for Smile For A While.
Other releases comes on Frank Music, Tieffrequent and his own imprint Monosoul - The Dubs, but he is an really good Dj too, so stay tuned!

Based in Berlin-Wedding, Portray aims
at supporting artists with an adventurous and distinctive approach to contemporary house music.
The label’s sound spectrum is diverse but always intimate, focussed on excitement, warmness and friendship.
And this is what it all should be about.


Monosoul (Frank Music | Tieffrequent | Smile for a while Records)

Jonas Palzer ( Portray | LACK)

Sharevari (Humboldthain)

RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?742100