13.06.2015, 08:00


Flyer für: Humboldthain - AFTERLIFE (OPEN AIR & INDOORS)
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PJOTR (Ethereal Sound, Udacha, Rough House Rosie)
DJ Pegasuz aka Hamsa Intenational (Soul Notes)
Still Deep (Way To Calypso, Humboldthain)
Estimulo (Afterlife, EstimuloShow, Futura)
Truly Madly (Afterlife, EstimuloShow)

The first two in a series of summertime (and beyond) indoor/open-air after-hour parties. Long-time brothers-in-sound Estimulo and truly-madly have played together before in Berlin, London, and as far afield as Toronto, but now it’s about time we got together and did some parties of our own.
We’ve been looking for an after-hours thing to suit our deeper desires, and now we’ve found it at Humboldthain Club in Berlin. We’ll be starting at 8am (give or take) on Saturdays inside, directly following up to the night event (Three4House in case of our first party).
We also have a separate music area outside in the beautiful garden. Just a few well-chosen guests each time means extended sets for everyone involved and there will be some deeeeeeeeeep digging for sure.
For the first party we have PJOTR, DJ Pegasuz, and Still Deep as guests – all Berliners by choice with fine pedigree.
For the second we have Finn Johannsen, someone with deeper musical pockets than most on this planet, and he’ll be taking you on a journey to the most distant parts of his collection. Check the Soundcloud links below for more info and an idea of what to expect.
Carrying on. Starting early. Warming up.