31.07.2015, 23:00

Humboldthain - DISCO PRIDE!

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Disco - a word coming from the very base of a collective dance experience: the discoteque.
A place where juviniles of all classes, ethnics and backrounds come together to let themselves go without judging one another. Disco music as one of the most influencing roots of mondern dance music is still warming the hearts of humans all arround the globe. We want to celebrate the survival of this pool of positivity in order to reminisce our past generation´s affort to share happiness and love through music.
Our mission is to uplift this cult: DISCO PRIDE!


spAceLex (Mond Musik | Frisbee Records)

CATCH (South London Analogue Material)

Undermind b2b Toni Clarke
(Humboldthain || Omega Supreme Records | Das Zündet)


DJ Kreme
(World Wide Funky Grooves | Funknatic Soundz)

Entry: 6€