09.03.2018, 23:00

IPSE - Planet Parallel x Styx #1

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Planet Parallel pres. Styx # 1 • International Women's Day Edition with

• HAAi- (Rinse FM, Phonox, UK)
• DANIELA LA LUZ live (Parallel Berlin, RAWAX)
• Ena Cosovic ( Culture Box, True Rotary Recordings, DK)
• Nadine (Ipse)
• Essika (Stock5, Rote Sonne)
• Sarah For Sure (Cases of Madness)

RA: www.residentadvisor.net/events/1065154

In Greek mythology, Styx is a deity and the river that forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld.

In Berlin Nightlife, STYX is a collaboration between Parallel Berlin and IPSE.
Like the river Styx flows through the underworld, the night STYX will flow through underground music.

We believe in natures variety, a grooving balance that forms a unity. Mystic, edgy and full of light at the same time.
This reflects in our line ups, a diverse mix of house, techno and it´s colorful shades.

It´s important to us, to invite well respected artists, as well as interesting newcomers, carefully selected for their music only.
Let´s come together and dance on a peaceful, floating cloud until the morning light, and even longer.

The river Styx is female, which is rare for Greek river names.
So the line up for this first STYX night refers to the International Womens Day on the day before and will present you a fine selected lineup of female dj's from Munich through London and Copenhagen to Berlin.