10.07.2015, 19:00


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Doors open: 7 pm
Screening: 8:30 pm
Entry: 3 €


〈Adj.〉 Sy animal
1 tierisch, den Tieren eigentümlich
2 triebhaft, triebgesteuert
3 leiblich, (grob–)sinnlich
[< lat. animal »Lebewesen, Geschöpf«]

MEDIASTEAK geht für einen Sommerabend offline und nimmt euch mit auf eine animalische Kurzfilmnacht. Von magischen Einhörnern und benommenen Robotern, über tierische Begegnungen im Technotempel bis hin zu wilden Orgien - kommt mit und taucht ein in den Rausch der Bilder.

Die STEAK NIGHT SHOW präsentiert euch tolle Kurzfilme - Open Air in der IPSE (bei Regen drin). Mit dabei sind die Filmemacher und Filmemacherinnen, die uns beim anschließenden Q&A Einblicke hinter die Kulissen ihrer Projekte geben. Wir freuen uns tierisch!

- - -

Beware all of you (Media)steak lovers, 'cause you're favorite website of all times will soon be offline. No need to worry though, as we'll only be gone for one very special night, the 2nd edition of The Steak Night Show. Feel thrilled, 'cause yes, as usual, we're up for the unusual. So be prepared to witness Unicorns, dopey Robots and other animallike encounters from another time and place.

This time, THE STEAK NIGHT SHOW will be held at IPSE, an open air club - it's summer people - and it's more then overdue to get the feel of it - but of course we always have the option to go inside the lovely new space. Of course and most importantly, there will be a well selected variety of short movies waiting for you, plus you'll also have the opportunity to chit-chat with all of the producers in our Q & A session later on.

Be there or be medium rare....

*the films will be shown in OV with English/German subtitles*

DELICACY (2012, Jason Mann, 11 Min.)
„In a fine dining room, a culinary connoisseur claims the last exciting meal he’s had was a delicate cut of African elephant spiced with saffron in Southern Uganda. What could possibly top that? His waiter suggests a revolutionary new item, one that must be eaten in haste once unlocked from its vacuum sealed container. Indeed, the initial bite elicits a most unusual response, one that borders somewhere between retching and orgasmic. “What the hell is it?” the foodie exclaims while licking his finger clean.“
The waiter leans forward. Their eyes lock. A hunt begins."

REQUIEM FOR A ROBOT (2013, Christoph Rainer, 6 Min.)
"Rob, a worn out robot with a corrupt memory, drowns his sorrows of his 'screwed' existence in alcohol and asks himself the essential question: what did he do wrong? He needs to remember..."

DER FALL (2013, Alexandre Koberidze, 10 Min.)
"Three people were sitting in the cafe when the man enters. Not all saw the donkey, he has staked out. No one could remember what he ordered. Wherever he went, and no one knew. But a short time later, three people are dead."

ALWAYS HERE (2014, Steffen Köhn, 11 Min.)
„Always Here“ is a post-cinematic documentary about adult webcam performers, where users can pay for private erotic performances by men, women, but also couples. Many of them work in big sexcam studios with dozens of cabins, but an increasing number of them also offer their services from within their private homes. Fascinated by these glimpses of ‘real’ quotidian life, I spent hours and hours as a voyeur on the website. I witnessed moments of boredom, everyday conflicts between couples, but also moments of closeness and true affection.The film I edited out of this material engages with the aesthetics of the ‘observational cinema’ tradition of documentary filmmaking."


Hörspiel - EIN BESUCH IM KITKAT CLUB (Anna Lazarescu, 2013, 5min)
Die Journalistin Anna Lazarescu besuchte in Leo-Bustier und Federkragen bekleidet den „Carne-Ball“ im KitKat Club und berichtet in ihrem Hörstück über den „Ball des Fleisches“ und seine Besucher.

Für den anschließenden Filmriss könnt ihr nach der STEAK NIGHT SHOW in der IPSE bleiben und hemmungslos auf der BEITOLA Party feiern: https://www.facebook.com/events/912491235474349/