01.06.2019, 23:30

Kater Blau - Joined Female* Forces (Talk, Concert & DJs)

Flyer für: Kater Blau - Joined Female* Forces (Talk, Concert & DJs)
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Joined Female* Forces celebrates the strength, intelligence, struggle and beauty of female flavored people in the club scene and beyond. With this event series we want to create an emancipatory space for creative participation and representation.

* Female is not used in a hetero-normative sense but aims at celebrating female power free from the biological or socialized gender. We use it to thematize the not yet reached gender equality. We believe in an inclusive, intersectional feminism, in which everyone feels welcome and recognized. This feminism has a clear take against sexism, trans-, homo- and interphobia, ableism, clacism, racism, antisemitism and islamophobia.

Berlin to us is a place where people can live freely and be inspired by each other in their diversity and socio-political struggles. This motivates us to create a unified feminist night in solidarity with those who grew up and/or still live under all kinds of oppression, such as patriarchy, colonization and the abscense of the freedom of movement and speech.


°° 00.00: MIDNIGHT TALK: Confessions of a Queer: My Experience as an LGBT+ Refugee °°

Shrouk El-Attar is an Egyptian LGBT+ Rights Activist, Belly Dancer, and an Engineer. They* were named Young Woman of the Year by the UN refugee agency and was listed by the BBC as one of the top 100 influential women worldwide. Growing up Queer to a Conservative Muslim family in Mubarak’s Egypt is not easy. And when finally thought to have reached safety in the UK, the term “Safety” could not have been further from the truth. Shrouk will reveal information about some of the inhumane treatment queer asylum seekers experience at UK’s home office.

*Speaker identifies as non-binary woman who goes by They/Them or She/Her

°° 1am: FARAFI (live) °°

Farafi are sending messages from the global underground, weaving together traditional African, Middle Eastern, Indian and Western contemporary music. Darlini & Joy strive to inspire and empower us all to feel the beauty and joy of expression and celebration. It’s a sound that gets people dancing and truly touches the heart.


°° 2am: DJ HILWI °°

Rasha Hilwi is a Palestinian writer, cultural journalist and DJ. She was born in the city of Acre and now is based in Berlin. She DJs music and songs from the Middle East, North Africa, West and South Asia as well as Eastern Europe.

°° 3am: DANCING QUEER الراقصة المثلية °°

What's that? Belly dancers should have long hair and shave their legs and underarms? Well, not this one! A UN award winner and named by the BBC top 100 influential women Worldwide, this Egyptian, hairy, bearded, pierced and tattooed Queer Refugee dancer will give you a very authentic performance with a twist!
We will not conform to your gender roles


إيه ده بقى؟ ينبغي على الراقصات امتلاك الشعر الناعم الحرير وإزالة الشعر تحت الإبطين والساقين؟ مش الراقصة دي يا فندم! حائزة على جائزة من الأمم المتحدة و لقبتها البي بي سي من أوّل 100 امرأة ذات تأثير في العالم. أصلًا جاية من عاصمة الرقص الشرقي، مصر، الراقصة المشعرة والمتوشمة والمثلية اللاجئة سوف تمنحكم أداءً شرقيًا جدًا مع حبة شقاوة
نحن لن نتفق مع عادات وتقاليد أدوار الجنسيْن

°° 4am: CASUS BELLA °°

Casus Bella is using deep electronic pelvic beats, covered in a blanket of sounds from all over the world, in order to take you through a musical journey that invites you to celebrate your body, mind and spirit.


This event is curated by Jamila Al-Yousef.

Photo: Palestinian Women, Nazareth, 1890, photographer unknown. Also in 2019 we stand with the struggles of the Palestinian women.

Graphic Design: Thank you Kiran Novski.