05.08.2016, 23:00

KitKatClub - Vaseline Factory "Premiere" at Kitkat

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Based on tied up deep values to the personal history of every single individual,
Vaseline Factory is a project with enthusiasm, design to be a party for
extravagant and authentic people .

All of us know that Berlin is a great city, and has came here for innumerable
reasons, have understood that Berlin is a city that offers us the opportunity to
express your self with liberty... in our own way!

Vaseline Factory would like to make a following footstep trying the experience of
the clubbing to something internal "to scream out" .

Secret things not faced yet!

Let yourself get inspired by your history and "scream out" everything for your
happiness, and share it with the world!

Happyness... Queer... Awerness... Sharing ... party.... Love.... Music ....
Fredom....colours.... Just VASELINE* Factory!!

Vaseline Factory wants to actively involve you.


? DJ Flush (KILLEKILL / KRAKE Festival)
^ Francesco Zappala' (Dada Revolution / Mongolfiere Libere)
= I.nOmac (Dada Revolution)
* Mauro Feola (Beitola)
% Francesco De Luca (No-Signal)
+ Mike Tansella Jr

Andrea Fax Familari


Project: ikutani SAN(参)

Music: AXL OTL
Concept/Dance 一 氣
Digital Painting : Yukihiro Ikutani

LOCATION: kitkat club