11.12.2015, 23:55

Klunkerkranich - African Acid is the Future#1//BallroomEdition

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From afro to techno and a lot more in between ...Because Africa is mother of beat and beat is tempo .
May your hearts beat on our tempo and steps groove with our flow .
On a acid trip around afro rythms , travelling from Nigeria , Ethiopia Congo, cruising over electronic sounds , cosmic and psychedelic vibrations .
African Acid Is The Future and *^*...

After a year of turning Herz into our musical laboratory every month , we decided to move the party to a proper club space for the party to continue to grow properly.
We felt like people were responding with a lot of enthusiasm to what is for us a genuine musical experience , the birth of movement in our town , essential to share with people we know and people looking for something new.
We will never thank enough Herz , Stephane Argilet , Bodo Volke , Joris Larochelle and Michael von Sternburg.
Without them it would have never been possible to just even start.
Thanks for your kindness and support .

This will be the first club edition of African Acid Is the Future , hopefully the first of a long serie to come .
We can only promise that we will do our best to provide , quality , authenticity , modernity and some real good new vibe.

Line up :

AfricanAcidResidents :

Wolfonacid aka Rouge Mécanique

Jason Lanox//Spacehall

Entrance : 8 euros

See you on the dancefloor without your phones ....

this first edition is dedicated to our gorgeous friend Sara Mathiasson celebrating her birthday on our first party *_*good choice*_*