12.08.2017, 23:00

Loftus Hall - House of Love

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Lovely Lineup:
Zola, Justin Ramsey, Bridge Guy, Colin Perkins, Dave Sparrow, Merve Mercury, Alexander Paulski, Marcel Da Kinky Koala

House of Love is a celebration of house music in all of its forms. From deep- to disco-, lofi- to tech-, Chicago to London, and everything else with a 4/4 beat that will move your feet.

At House of Love you can sample some of the best house music from different genres and regions across the world in one party! With two rooms going at once you always have the opportunity to hear the type of house music that suits your taste. The DJs at House of Love come from around the world and have one thing in common, a deep and genuine love for house music and the desire to spread that love through music!

8 DJs // 2 rooms // Unlimited Love

It's going to be a be a beautiful night!