13.12.2019, 23:59

Loftus Hall - Oriental What The Funk

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Funky - Soul - Downtemop - Melodic Oriental & Afro House Music presented by/

Soul Bait // Soul Beans
SIIN س // Oriental.WTF
AC I I SO // Oriental.WTF
The Bay Music (Live)
Khadija aka Outsider (Live)
Syriantal // Section 8 Berlin
Franz Matthews // HIFI/LOFI / Eskimo Recordings
Spoonman DJ B2B Parole Emil // Oriental.WTF (Live)

The dominant idea of Arthur Schopenhauer’s philosophy was that it was almost impossible for us to escape from ‘the Will’ – the drive or striving of nature that controls all creation, which is cruel and ruthless, and which cares not for the individual in the survival of the species. Yet there are some ways in which we can emancipate ourselves from the Will for brief periods. Compassion and asceticism are two of these, but art is another; especially in its highest form, music. There is a sensory description in terms of sound or sight signals we receive when we hear music or see a work of art; but more significant to Schopenhauer is the experience, which transports us into a non-sensory realm, giving us a feeling of at-one-ness with something beyond ourselves, that is, with the noumenal Will. Other ways of putting this include when we say we are ‘taken out of ourselves’ into an experience we often call ‘timeless’.

Like Schopenhauer’s philosophy, we decided to bring you Art at its highest form through ‘Oriental What The Funk’. A collaborative event by a collective community and Y.A.R’s vision of Creative young community driving for change. We bring you an event that deserves to be part of the established community of artists in Berlin. A night that opposes to the stereotype that Berlin is only home to those who like one genre of music.

With a night filled with Funky - Soul - Downtemop - Melodic Oriental & Afro House Music. A night, worth coming out and showing your love and compassion to the talent out there. Genre’s that bring moments art becomes an intellectual pursuit.
Our community and collaboration with Y.A.R, Tends to bring in a night to show you the tangible aspect of Modest Mouse’s quote, “Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.”

Thanks to Y.A.R’s collaboration, #YARMovement. We stand strong with them and their mission. They are dedicated to changing the world for the better, as a movement. Differences should not be a barrier they should be a cutting edge.

Come join us on a night more diverse than your mama’s cooking. We getting funky so let’s get this Poppin'.

Tickets// Online & At the door!