24.11.2017, 22:00

Loftus Hall - Futurols Clubnight No. 3

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It's a sentimental cause.

”As midnight fades into dawn, we begin the journey.
Across the endless space of time.
From mind to mind, face to face.
Faces to faces, oasis to oasis. In your mind.
Move with time. The journey begins…”

22:00 J South (FTRLS) [Romance & Dance Songs]
23:30 SIG (backd by Charles Lundman) [Rap] - LIVE
00:00 Kool Mister DJ (Cid Hohner) [Italo, Spacedisco, Boogie, Chicago]
01:30 Dj Olb & Channel (borgopazzo) [Techno, House, UK Garage]
04:00 Paul Tiedje [Techno]
05:30 J South (FTRLS) [Special 45 on 33bpm brainfreezer set]

5€ [free before 23:00]

Whas Happenin?
J South is opening and the closing the night with a special set of 7 inches and whole lotta dusty crates - music to Dance & Romance with. Have another drank and bounce with the rapper SIG from the Noodle Gang performing his latest set of upcoming works. Next up we get a highly dancebale but surely unorthodox set by no other than Kool Mister DJ who's infamous for nuffn but hard hittin disco tracks. Here begins the Sweat. Perfect timing to slip deeper into your brains as Dj Olb & Channel throw sum Acid into it that'll make all your dreams cum true. And before you realised, Paul Tiedje will have blasted away all other parts of your botay. Nice to get a little touchy then when J South enters again. . .

Sounds Like:
Chicago House, Italo Disco, Boogie, Funk, Rap, UK Garage, Techno

J South (FTRLS)

SIG (backd by Charles Lundman) - LIVE

Kool Mister DJ (Cid Hohner)

Paul Tiedje