29.03.2018, 21:00

Loftus Hall - Langtunes W/Hörbild, Audri / Akatana / Peter P(Teheran) / Suzaku

Flyer für: Loftus Hall - Langtunes W/Hörbild, Audri / Akatana / Peter P(Teheran) / Suzaku
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Akatana(Pluie.Noir): The well accomplished French producer will be opening the night with a live set of one hour and a half musical journey, filled with modular sounds and field recordings. His sound is a true testament of how visual, sensual and story telling music can be.

Audri(Imprints / YAY records): Leading the peak time of your night, Audri, known for his masterly crafted EPs with Imprints and YAY records, is recognized for his diverse DJsets, spacing between Techno, House, Electro, Abstract, Breaks and Minimal. A highly trustworthy DJ and a respected Artist.


Peter Pirhosseinlou(House No.4): Coming straight from the underground scene of Tehran, Peter will be performing for us for the very first time in Berlin. A hypnotic electronic set layered with ambient guitar pads and electronic loops. Peter is an active organizer and promoter in the underground scene of Tehran, running festivals, events and organizing concerts with lots of musicians and artists in the scene. He can give us a good perspective on what is going on in this underrated part of the world.

Langtunes: The live band project from Tehran, now based in Berlin, formed up by Kamyar Keramati and Behrooz Moosavi will have their new sounds and productions showcased, mixed in a DJset of House and Electro music. Langtunes has been an active project since 2009, reaching international audience, playing more than a 100 shows in and around Germany. After a long time in the studio and as solo DJs they will play together again this night at Loftus Hall.

Anta Dion b2b Janis plasmatik: Will be playing their set of fine Micro House and minimal techno music, giving us the groove we need for the night.


Wyatt: One founder of the Suzaku collective. He's an astrist from Switzerland, now based in Berlin. He will be playing his finest deep and micro house full of groove and percussions from his lovely records collection.


Vig0 : One founder of the Suzaku collective. A frenchie digger with one of the most surprising and delicate vinyl library. He will make make you discover his secret tunes.


From 9-11 Exhibition by: Heather.Marie.Brown
The American born, Berlin based artist, will be adding a visual flavor to our night with the exhibition of her collages and paintings. Heather sees her process as a dialogue between the canvass or paper and her being. The images emerge as she works, inspired by the subconscious and sometimes just pure aesthetic.

Live Visuals: MMaria
The Berlin based visual artist will be accompanying the live performances with her soulful live collage of her raw footages shot throughout her daily life.

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