31.10.2015, 23:00

Loftus Hall - Halloween, Bite Me Kindly

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Bite ✦ Me ✦ Kindly

₵ome here, come all, come tall, come small,
Enter the gates of Loftus Hall!

Ẩ penny for your soul, one by one,
Ooh, I can already taste the fun!

Ŵe sharpen our teeth like butchers' knives,
To suck from the well of eternal lives.

Ƥresent your neck for me to munch,
"Guys! Another one joined the bunch!"

Ƴou signed the deal, your fate is sealed,
Forevermore your heart is healed.

₵an't stand the heat? There's no retreat!
We've already begun to spice the meat!

Ɗon't ask the doctor to revive,
You have to Dance to stay alive!

Ƥassionate fury, trembling with lust,
Slice me a piece of thick red crust.

Ɓite me kindly, bite me now,
Then leave backwards with a bow.

▿ DJ ' s

Floor of the Turned Tables
▻ Count Zhiqi [Shadowplay, Brot]

▻ Wonkers R.I.P.tease [Brot]

▻ DJ AssVamp [Pretty City Records, Brot]

▻ Teen Zwölf [Voodoo Down Records, Rock & Roll Rec, Brot]

▻ Padde Untot [Brot]

▻ DJ Youngblood [Brot]

Disc'O Blood Floor
▻ Ekel

▻ Dead Poppa F

▻ Furious'nelius

C O S T U M E ✦ O N L Y
▻ 7€
▻+2€ face paint fee, without costume
▻ Costume Contest

Maybachufer 48
Ecke Pannierstraße
12045 Berlin
Buses: M29, 171, 194 - Pflügerstr.
U-bahn: Hermannplatz, Schönleinstraße, Görlitzer


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