09.01.2020, 21:00

Loophole - Live betina quest + Harry

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To fight to winter blues Mimosa Booking & Sabobe present a night with two very talented artists:

betina quest - www.betinaquest.com

Proud Burundian of many cultures, devoted artist of many layers and a traveled seeker of many tales, Betina Quest is a stunning collage of Soul, Hip Hop, Electro, Afro Folk and Spoken Word. She is both beat-biased song and spheric sound, conversational lyric and heartfelt vocal. The multi-instrumentalist delivers an intriguing one-woman performance as she lets viewers in when sharing her personal story and letting them be part of her creative process. Beats are mostly reproduced on the spot with loop station, sampler and synth. When joining forces with other instrumentalists the proximity to her audience remains allowing for an equally electrifying experience.

Harry - www.mixcloud.com/haroldplanke/

Harry, now Berlin based vinyl-dj has been playing and organizing many parties and events in the Rhine-Ruhr area. Regular events like the Artefakt-Nights focusing on deep Detroit and Berlin influenced techno and the more house, Disco and funk orientated Heat-Parties shaped his way of playing and selecting records. But a huge passion for grooves and everything beyond luckily makes it hard to put him into one certain type of sound.

Entrance fee:
8€ pre sale
11€ at the door