27.01.2023, 23:00

M-Bia - [IL]LEGAL with Saeuer & Prada2000

Flyer für: M-Bia - [IL]LEGAL with Saeuer & Prada2000
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New year ... new artists ... but always [IL]LEGAL

After a year with

- endless music we have played for you
- endless crying when the bass explodes
- endless dancing between sweaty friends
- endless smiles, words, hugs and kisses
- endless new people and memories
- endless many talented artists
- endless magic you have given us

Dark rooms filled with the finest bass and technoid sounds that electrify your ears and make you dance. The thunder from the speakers electrifies your bodies and you twitch like lightning in the darkness. The air above your heads begins to shimmer and mixes with the boom in the room. You lose yourselves in the endless space between the here and now.

It's time again to offload your feelings of ecstatic voltage on the floor.

The music will take care of the communication ... You don't need to talk this night. The music will express everything that you can not put into words.

Experience a night full of joy, energy and a very special atmosphere.

Start with us into a new year full of [IL]LEGAL moments.

- Saeuer
- Prada2000
- Dominik Pazzer
- Bixbita
- GingerB
- Snooks
- Marcinek
- Filou