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Maze - ONDO Vol.8 〜真夏の夜に〜

Flyer für: Maze - ONDO Vol.8 〜真夏の夜に〜
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Anatawa natsuwo mankitsushitemasuka?

Are you enjoying with your memory of this summer as nostalgic well?

In Japanese, there are often different meanings in same sounds of words.
Ondo has 2 meanings.
1. 温度(Ondo): Temperature.
2.音頭(Ondo): A Man leads to people for dancing or playing instruments starting Signal. Who calls ONDO. Like a Conductor.

In Japan, there were legendary clubs. There were The most famous Club. It called YELLOW.
The Club had invited so many great DJs. As DJs were turning on Music, who were like Conductors of Orchestra, the Audiences were following their Music, then They were enjoying and grooving the vibes. The Club had always been the original Temperature(Vibes).

We wanna know how are your vibes with our music, and we wanna see that you are staying with other audiences, then you are making Ondo each other, we will be feeling the Ondo, we will be turning on music to next and next, more and more nice temperature by your beautiful vibes.
Ondo will enhance the vibes in the night.
You know already how your Body&Soul shake with music and people...

See you then.

Bacon Chang
(Passeggiata nel spazio,ONDO,Vitamin Music):



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