09.08.2019, 20:00

Maze - Dreikantholz- elektronische Livemusik

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kommt am 09.08. im Maze vorbei, wir spielen den ganzen Abend lang elektronische Livemusik.

Jeder von uns mit individuellem Setup und einem eigenen Stil.

Der Eintritt ist frei, Ihr könnt uns mit einer 2€ Spende beim ersten Getränk unterstützen.


20.00 Einlass/ Soundcheck
21.00- 22.00 Freies Spielen

22.00 Wounder (elektronisch, tief)
23.00 ELCA (organisch, boomend)
0.00 Opitz (energetisch, melodisch)
2.00 Acvidacid (rhythmisch, treibend)
3.00 Jam

über die Künstler/ about the artists:


Wounder stands for electronic music consisting of lush textures, dirty synth lines and hard hitting beats. Influenced by the post dubstep scene of the UK, Wounder mixes melancholic atmospheres and subtly evolving melodies with heavy sub bass and energetic grooves.

ELCA (Asgar Kristensen):

ELCA plays music strongly influenced by the trap and hip hop scene, just more organic. During the set he will try creating a flipping mix of those two genres, with a lot of different and unique samples and try to connect them in his own way.

Acvidacid (Andrew Blumhagen):

Acvidacid moves through acid house, techno and electro created live with a modular synthesizer and an OP-1. Expect lots of happy accidents, synths coming in and out of tune, artifacts, noisy textures and lots of sweet sweet rythm and grooves.


Opitz will play all self recorded stuff in combination with live playing and beat programming. Thanks to a former guest Brian Cunningham who describes the music as kind of ambience techno, Opitz will go along with this. So you can expect deep drums, good baselines, field recorded sound fx and some nice chords.