14.10.2016, 21:00

Maze - Record Release curated by Urban Arts Berlin

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Urban Arts Berlin proudly presents:

Vinyl release - SYNTHESIS Vol. 2

An international Music Compilation from some of the best living sound artists working professionaly in the sonic field.

This record contains a selection of seven tracks from a total of 30 selected tracks released on our bandcamp page:


We present to you a very remarkable record in the experimental and sound art terrain with live concerts by some of the selected artists who you can enjoy in the vinyl and two other live acts from the on-line bandcamp release.

We will have the record in this event so you can directly buy it from us saving the sending postage.



Born in Wuppertal, Germany, Chris Dreier is an ex Tödliche Doris member. Nowadays involved in two music projects: Spadelove (Frank Lohmeyer) and Burqamachines (Ursula Döbereiner, Frank Lohmeyer, D.Holland-Moritz).



CUBOP - Mexico

Musician and sound designer from Mexico City currently working in Berlin. Her works encompass analogue and digital synthesis, field recordings and musique concrète techniques, often displaying her proficiency at playing a variety of instruments. She has produced a large body of soundtrackwork for Radio, film and performance, and, with Cubop & Espectra Negra, as a solo artist in her own right.

This year the legendary Japanese Label LUST VESSEL will release a 3 Vol. sound archive with the best compositions produced in the last decade by Cubop in tape format.




Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard (b. 1979) – Graduated from the Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and the School of Architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Art. He has released a number of albums and in 2013 he created the soundscape of the René Magritte exhibition ”The Mystery of the Ordinary” at MoMA. He was awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation in 2007 and received the Leonie Sonning Scholarship in 2006.

He has been working with multiplication of sound since 2013, and the ambition is to make the sound of the instrument transcend itself. This praxis has resulted in the SOUND X SOUND series - a series of 7" vinyls, where the composer explores one instrument on each album, e.g. 8 recorders, 16 triangles or 9 pianos.

He considers his compositional work to be a basic research in sound. Like a geologist collects stone, sorts them and preserves them for posterity, he tries to capture the sound of various instruments in their natural habitat, with no cultural impact or code (which is of course utopian).



Alan Gleeson is an Irish sound artist based in Berlin who has been experimenting with all types of electronic sound for over 15 years. In 2010 he completed a Masters Degree in Music Technology at the University of Limerick, Ireland. His thesis and continued research is based on “A practice-based solution for meaningful and expressive laptop performance”.

Since moving to Berlin Alan has been involved in many performances, both solo and accompanied. He has also been involved in creating sound installations (CTM 2011, Rainforest), MNM by Humatic (ZKM 2014).



Frank Lohmeyer, born 1970, based in Berlin.
Aliases Gueule Cassée, FX, FLX, Frau Lohmeyer.

Background in musicology, visual arts, painting, computer science & medicine. Member of Burqamachines, Spadelove, Modern Products among other projects.

"What if this is Paradise and we are already in Heaven?"

The piece is mainly put together in Max/MSP and implies heavy processing of recorded body sounds, as well as
some old-fashioned Synthesizers, Compressors and tons of reverb.


Stage name of MAURIZIO VITALE and very often includes special guests and collaborators.

Maurizio Vitale is an Italian-born musician.

He is the leader and founding member of the Berlin-based avant-gard band Lolita Terrorist Sounds.
He is active in a number of artistic fields as drummer, music producer, multi-instrumentalist musician, performer, singer and movie actor.

Lolita Terrorist Sounds will perform an exclusive solo set based on drumming, live looping and singing combined with the droning keys of Roderick Miller (USA – Bee and Flower, Ruin).


Entrance 3-6 Euro
If you buy the record you get in for free!


Mehringdamm 61
10961 Kreuzberg

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