21.04.2018, 02:00

Mein Haus am See - Herr'N Los @Lakehouse Moonlightbreakfast


Grown up as a dancer, her soul is made of rhythms .
She start mixing her playlist for friends on laptop but then can't stop looking for perfect Beat-matching and harmonies .
After wild practice she get sick about digging records, and moved to Berlin in order to develop her vinyl technic, collection and style as well;
Herr'N Los is a Dj who just love to feel the groove ...
She is now Djing and organise for "Chineurs De Berlin" a Berlin based part of french label "La Chinerie"; performed at Humboldthain Club, Griessmuehle, MeinHausAmSee, Crack Bellmer, Süss war Gestern, Rosi's , Repeat , Minimal Bar , ...
Herr'n Los Playing vinyls only and her collection is made of House, DeepHouse , MicroHouse , AcidHouse ,Minimal , DubTechno, Techno.

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