22.06.2017, 22:00

Mein Haus am See - Florian Herzberg (My Secret Session) @Lakehouse Finest

Since 15 years Florian is active as a professional musician and producer in a variety of areas. In 2008 he started his own business in Vienna with his own recording studio and record label (Flowing Records). Besides his work in numerous bands as a drummer, he founded the successful project "My Secret Playground"(2008), which still exists. Under this name, he also began to produce film music.
In 2010, I decided to shift his center of life to Berlin. The city offers the perfect environment for creative work.
Since 2014 he organizes the "My Secret Session" in Berlin, where Djs and Musicians share their musical ideas. In the same year he began to dj with a live set, single musicians and band.
In October 2014 he started to work for the famous Booking Agency Wilde.
His passion is film and the implementation of new innovative ideas that combine different genres.