22.04.2023, 23:59

Mensch Meier - Sick Picnic: 20 Hours of Rave

Are you ready to make sick history with us? For the 4th edition of Sick Picnic we are giving the party a strong boost by doing a 20 hours non-stop spring rave, a whole night and full day at our favorite club.
24 artists bring the sick vibe to Berlin on April 22nd and provide us again with the strongest beats, heavy gabber kicks, jungly amen breaks and stomping sets all over the place.

A belter of outstanding performers from the UK, Tel Aviv, the Netherlands, France and Germany are all bringing unforgettable scenes directly to Mensch Meier's Dancefloors. Expect DJ performances of mutant jungle, pounding breakcore, bouncy uk-bassline, comedic happy hardcore, a liveshow of acid-techno-post-punk rave plus a wild concert between crust punk, trance, powerviolence, speedcore and gabber.

We have invited the craziest and the best to keep you busy raving all night'n'day - so be prepared. Come early-stay long.


DJ Gurl Power (UK)
RRRitalin (UK)
DJ High P (UK)
Goreshit (UK)
Shadesy (UK)
Colinas (FR)
Otto Vlotto
isora (UK)
DJ Bastard (UK)
T-Data b2b Joy Sparks
DJ Hristos
Jim Bean
Gina (NL)
Ella Ciao
DJ La Parroja
Doretta Baretta
Scratch Babies
Rave Dave


We do not accept any form of discriminatory behaviour,
so there is absolutely no space for racism, sexism, homo- and transphobia, ableism, ageism or classism.
Please, behave respectfully and carefully towards those partying around you!