27.01.2023, 23:00

Mensch Meier - Cosmic Dose w/ Carbon / Daniel Jaeger / Tim Taste / Kaufmann /...

Flyer für: Mensch Meier - Cosmic Dose w/ Carbon / Daniel Jaeger / Tim Taste / Kaufmann /...
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⋆ Cosmic Dose at Mensch Meier ⋆

Exactly 3537 years and 86 days ago, in order to help primitive humanity evolve, an advanced alien species brought the first mirror ball to planet earth. It was installed on the top of the great pyramid and used to send pure cosmic energy straight into every humans brain that was around back then.

Some years later the great mirror ball had to be hidden away since an evil force had managed to get control over the human race.

It was long forgotten until in 1984 a guy named Prince accidentally found the mirror ball when he was visiting an old cave in Egypt.

Instantly he felt his mind vibrating higher since he got the full cosmic dose.

He was so inspired, he knew he had to share his secret and it was this moment that marked the beginning of a new age in human history. The age of the disco and the return of the cosmic energy…

Be ready for a new beginning. Be ready for a cosmic rave.

Tickets only at the door. 30% discount before midnight.


Carbon *Live (Senso Sounds / Alula Tunes)

Daniel Jaeger (Criminal Bassline)

Tim Taste (Subios Records / Alula Tunes)

Kaufmann (Regeln mit Knöpfen / Rebellion der Träumer*)

garstique (Wuza)

Katzenohr (PRIZM:Berlin RSNZRFLXN)

Flave *Live (Tipping Point Revo Booking)

le.fu (Südpol Hamburg)

Naicet (Mystic Tales)

diladï (Krach vom Fach)

Friedi (seltsam freundlich)


Visuals: Fry Visuals - xxetexx
> https://www.facebook.com/FryVisuals

Booking support by: Naicet and Söriös

> https://www.facebook.com/elpacaya